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Euphoria Gallery

Euphoria Gallery is an artistic presentation space for art and ideas made from or about the liminal spaces. Here, we see beyond the usual social constructs. We recognize that social constructs of gender, sexuality, race, and political borders are inchoate. Derived from the term of “Gender Euphoria,” or feeling authentically aligned in one’s embodiment, the Euphoria we seek to promote centers on joy, complicating the reductive, and uplifting voices outside the conventional.

This space is for engaging in the discourse of the complicated reality of being in a world of binaries and rigid limitations that impose hierarchies, which we believe are inherently violent. We champion the narratives and expressions of joy from the marginalized spaces, even as they are wrapped in the realities of grief, oppression, and erasure. We are actively working to deconstruct the impacts and effects of colonization, to create a world that is more honest and compassionate and real.

Past Shows

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