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Celebrate Mother's Day with EAC!

Celebrate at one of our Mother’s Day Wine & Paint classes! These step-by-step, beginner friendly painting classes are a perfect way to make the day special!

We have three beautiful paintings to choose from on Mother's Day, so you can pick the piece that is most suitable for Mom. We make each class simple for all range of skill levels- there are opportunities to personalize and take creative liberties along the way.

Our first session of the day starts at 12pm, so you can swing by after brunch and keep the party going! This painting is called "Flower Bouquet", and features a lovely still-life of a vase filled with flowers.

Participants will learn to make beautiful textures to really make the flower petals pop!

April showers bring May flowers, and moms love a good bouquet!

At 3pm, we start the class for our "Superbloom" painting. This piece features a more flattened, almost graphic style of painting that is deceptively easy to make!

Participants can choose to keep the classic orange color, reminiscent of the California poppy superbloom, or shake things up with a different color choice!

The final painting of the day is inspired by a detail shot of famous art historic painter, Gustav Klimt. In Klimt's famous painting "The Three Ages of Woman", we see a loving embrace between mother and child.

Our version of "Three Ages of Women" starts with a simple depiction and ends with each participant customizing their piece. This painting is perfect for maximalists and those who appreciate art history alike.

Whichever session you choose, these Wine & Paint classes are a fun, relaxing time perfect for appreciating the women in your life. Bring the family/friends and a bottle of wine and celebrate the day!

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