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New Classes at EAC

August is almost here- check out some of the new workshops and courses available this month at the studio!

You told us and we listened! By popular demand, EAC is introducing a longer-format stained glass course. This Stained Glass Course, which is a 4 week intensive, meets Thursday nights in August.

In this course, students will receive a more in-depth instruction on the basics of stained glass using the copper foil method. The copper foil technique is a relatively modern method in the centuries old practice of making leaded glass. It dates from about 1880. Although widely attributed specifically to the workshops of LC Tiffany, it was a general evolution developed by many glass artisans working in the last quarter of the 19th century. This course allows students the time to both learn the basics, and compose personalized glass panels using their own choice of imagery.

Look out for another stained glass workshop coming up this month- we're also introducing a sculptural stained glass class, Succulent Stained Glass Workshop!

This workshop is a three-hour session focused on making a stained glass succulent garden! Students will learn how to build these three dimensional structures out of the glass, and personalize them to their own preferences.

Each student will receive a terra cotta pot and their choice of potting medium to style their sculptures and bring them to life.

Forget about a watering schedule and come design a cute plant of your own that even those without a green thumb can't kill!

Another workshop that we're excited to introduce at EAC is our Urban Illustration Workshop coming up at the end of August.

In this drawing session, students will celebrate the architecture in Chinatown through urban landscape drawing. This workshop will involve participants drawing the view around them in a variety of locations while being inspired by the bustle of the city.

Each session is a playful urban landscape drawing experience for artists of all skill levels and styles. Students will meet at Element Art Center, and will then move to the first walkable location once the group has all arrived. Once situated, the class will start with a demonstration and a series of brief exercises using line, shape, and shadow to take on the form of the studied environment.

This workshop will be a great opportunity for beginner - advanced artists alike to practice their skills and learn a little more about Chinatown.

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