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Our Stained Glass Pet Portrait Class was a Hit!

Element Art Center recently hosted a successful pet stained glass workshop that brought together a group of art enthusiasts and pet lovers. The workshop was a unique opportunity to learn how to create beautiful stained glass pieces inspired by pets, and it was a huge success!

The workshop was led by a skilled stained glass artist who guided participants through the process of creating a pet-based stained glass piece. Participants learned how to foil and solder the specially designed glass pieces together to create a stunning artwork of their pet.

We love hosting this workshop at EAC because of how important pets are to our community. Many people have pets, and they are often viewed as members of the family. Creating a stained glass pet portrait piece inspired by a beloved pet is a meaningful and heartfelt way to celebrate that bond.

Check out some of the art made the first workshop! And join us for the next one! You can find more information/sign up for the next one here!

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